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Thursday, November 30th, 2006
8:15 pm
Shootout Screenshots
Hey guys there's this game called Shootout! From Kumagames.com. It's a

free game download and it's pretty tight. Check out the graphics here:

ScreenshotsCollapse )
Saturday, August 13th, 2005
10:51 pm
Thought this might interest you all..
Are you Mario? Peach? Or maybe even Bowser?
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Current Mood: cheerful
Sunday, July 24th, 2005
2:14 pm
I'm obsessed with my Nintendo DS
I’m completely obsessed with my new Nintendo DS. Does anyone else have one? How did you get it?

I actually got mine from one of those freeipod type sites, but this one was for gaming systems. They do a thing where as long as you do one offer and get 4 referrals to complete their offers, they send you one in the mail.

I think this is the site:
Nintendo DS

Anyways, my question is for anyone who has ever received something from this Gratis Network (the people in charge of this site.) It apparently took my DS only about 2 weeks to arrive in the mail (the normal time is supposed to be about 4.) It took a couple of my friends about 6 weeks though and my cousin had to wait close to 8. Does anyone know if they are just slow because so many people are doing this now? How long did it take you guys to receive one if you did?
Thursday, September 16th, 2004
1:09 pm
Please read all-of-the-way through and participate, and get as many friends as you can to participate, or poll them and post or e-mail me with the response.

Talk to your friends and find out (5) of their favorite X-Box, multi-player games. PS2 is later in my plan.

I would appreciate that you fill out your fav's, and then, have any and/or all friends you can also do it. Or e-mail me at JJMaul5@aol.com

It is really important, and will benefit all gamers if you do this. Trust me, it is for a future business station. (In brief: A nation-wide server of stations holding from 16 players up-wards of 128 players, Dave & Busters is in line for 23 of the +128 player stations!, stationed at Mall's, GameStop's & EB's, and Best Buys, etc. all over the country. Over 1700 are in order to be set up, and will have Real-time standings for players.)

So far I have, Halo, Halo2, Crimson Skies, Rainbow Six, MechAssault2, DDR games for X-Box.

I NEED more input from the public. There will be a 2-month beta test beginning November 9th, like the date?, going until January. Please get involved with that too (more info on it to come eventually).

We are trying to get involved with Y100 (a big Philadelphia-area radio station) for advertising, participation, and funding. (A letter and outline has been sent to your dad already Justin by the guy whom I am working with.) So you may be hearing about it on there. It is called FragIsle LLC and you can bet it will change the multi-player gaming industry. So many large companies are fight to sponsor us and work with us, and you can help us now too! Please do so. If you're at college, ask EVERYONE YOU CAN, and e-mail me the results at JJMaul5@aol.com, or post them here. PLEASE! This is a revolutionary step and we need all of you! Thank you all!

If you are reading this in a Video Game/Halo/Halo 2/X-Box community, I ask you to e-mail me, as I cannot guarantee I will be able to check this again. JJMaul5@aol.com. Or respond to the most recent Entry in my journal (TuabRy05)
Ryan LaBella
On behalf of FragIsle, LLC
X-posted all over.
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