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Thought this might interest you all..

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Let me just start out by saying that I am a real person like all of you. I go online like all of you...I play video games like all of you...and I am cheap like all of you. Now that we have established that I am real, I want to tell you about how to get something free online. What you have to do is go to

and sign up for only one of the offers with a credit card..HOLD is free if you choose efax and cancel before one month, and the great thing about it is that if you can get 8 referrals yourself (like I am trying to now), then you get a free xbox 360 at launch just like me.

Anyway, give it a chance if you are curious, and email me at if you have questions.
this guy might be your soulmate... heh

You actually may have seen this before, as its been floating around the net, but if not...

The Tao of Nick: The Grand Dragon of Comedy